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Senior Concierge was created to answer the needs of today's seniors, Boomers and Zoomers. It offers non-medical assistance to modern seniors who want to maintain an independent, vibrant lifestyle and enjoy it to the utmost. In other words, they want to age successfully!

Every active senior who continues to live independently, knows there are often day-to-day challenges that can't always be handled solo. It may be the complexity of navigating a commercial telephone system, the unfamiliarity of the Internet, a feeling of being intimidated by details or simply a lack of physical resources. That's when it's time to call us. We offer one-on-one customized services that are designed to accommodate individual needs.

Senior Hug

For Boomers, the requirements of juggling jobs, children, a household and a personal life all add up to stress. Even the most attentive daughters and sons sometimes find themselves in a situation where they can't be available to provide the support Mom or Dad needs. We can help to fill the gaps.

We strive to ensure that our commitment to attentive personal service and excellent value will make us your number one choice for a trusted resource in handling your needs. Our current service area comprises Oakville, Burlington, Clarkson and Port Credit, Ontario . Give us a call today and let's discuss what we can do to help you get the most out of life.

Senior Concierge helped me sort out a problem with a credit card, gave me instruction to improve my use of e-mail and guided me through the process of gifting an automobile to a family member. The help was invaluable. 

 John B, Oakville, Ontario Age 85

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